Marcelo Lamas

In 1994 Marcelo Lamas was fresh out of college with a Foreign Trade diploma in hand.
After travelling the world for 2 years, and 5 years as export manager in the leather industry, Marcelo decided it was time to open his own company, bringing together business and his passion for furniture design. That's how ALR was born, offering the world the best brazillian leather in design forward collections. 20 years later, He is still ahead of America Leather, now a company with headquarters in Brazil and locations in America and China.
At 50 years old, Marcelo is proud of the trust based relationship he has built with his clients and plans to keep growing his business based in ethics, quality and long term partnerships.

Laura Lamas

Laura Lamas has been ahead of ALR’s financial department from the very first day of business, but her admiration for leather goes way back.
Laura was born in a small town in southern Brazil, where the local tannery was responsible for employing big part of the town's population. From a very little age Laura was aware of the importance of the leather industry and how noble is it's product.
20 years later, Laura still admires leather everyday and is now the financial director of America Leather Resources.


Luisa Lamas Dalmaso

With a degree in Architecture and experience Interior Design, Luisa joined the company in 2020 to manage the commercial operations between North America and Brazil.
After extensive tannery training and experiencing the industry Luisa developed an eye for leather trends and now also directs product development for new leather collections every season.

Fabricio Zwetsch

Working at America Leather since 2003 Fabricio has lived and managed all operations in China from 2010 until 2020, building a vast experience and knowledge of the market and production chain worldwide.Extremely connected and on top of every movement of the market, Fabricio currently manages all sales of wet salted and wet blues and guides the customers to the best decisions, while also coordinating the QC team to make sure the quality shipped corresponds to the description agreed in the contract.

Sonia Klein

Sonia has been in the leather business since 1996, always in charge of the export market, participating of many leather fairs as in HK, Paris, Bologna, NYC and Brazil.
Her experience helped her to develop a sense of fashion, creating leather collections, always based on market trends, helping companies and clients to achieve their goals with new fashionable items.
Since joining ALR in jan 2022, her utmost challenge has been to bring to ALR a new way to sell fashion leathers, complying with the standards dictated by the fashion industry.

Peter Xu

Peter is a Leather Engeneer graduated by the Guaanxi University of Science and Technology in 1992. Having worked for several international groups that are key players of auto and furniture industries in China, Peter joined America Leather in 2012. Devoted to provide the best service to our customer base, he helped us to win awards of outstanding leather supplier with some of the largest clients in China, coordinating the link between commercial, quality control and customer service.

Sindy Lin

Sindy is graduated in Biology and joined America Leather in 2016.
In charge of sales in South China, her dedication to the customers is impressive, always ready to understand and provide solutions to customer's needs.


Aildon Ventura

Ventura is our head of QC team. Started working in the leather industry in 1975, and joined America Leather in 2000.
He personally inspects every hide we ship from southern Brazil to our customers, and has trained all other QC staff in other regions.
Ventura is a complete professional, who masters QC control procedures in wet blue, crust and finished leathers, checking every aspect of quality of each hide shipped out of Brazil to our customers worldwide.