Rugs wholesale program

Our program is designed to support the sales efforts of on-line and brick and mortar rug stores, as well as industries that cut hair on hides.

It brings an array of advantages to our partners, here are the highlights:

1- A digitalized vast stock of hides, photographed and measured enables our customers to minimize investment in stocks and only buy what customers chose. Every hide is already in an individual box, neutral and without identification of our company.
3- Easy to understand QC criteria, executed by the same team in every shipment.
4- Pictures of all the hides available are constantly updated to you.
6- We handle goods from origin to our warehouse in USA, covering insurance, transportation, clearance, taxes, inland freight and all the complications of importing goods, generating savings.
7- Progressive discounts are applied according to monthly volume of sales.

For more information please watch the videos below and get back to us with your questions.
Or make an appointment to visit our showroom in High Point, NC at 100 S. Main Street.
We will be happy to detail and adjust conditions to fit your business.