Directly from the slaughterhouses, the supply of wet salted hides enables our customers and partners to develop very specialized tanning, meeting the end product's character.
Whether your product requires heifers, steers, heavy or light raw material our sources have the adequate product.


Knowledge of the characteristics of different cattle and hides in several countries and micro-regions of South, Central and North America enable us to guide decisions of the most adequate raw material option and provide unbiased QC.
Our network of suppliers are key players in this business, carefully selected and have a close relationship to our company, which guarantees fair and transparent business cooperation.
Our team is connected in the market 24-7 ready to assist customers, and is aware of all movements that make this business so dynamic and time sensitive. 


Crust is a wise choice for tanneries seeking to optimize logistic costs  and provide flexible and fast lead times their end customers. Our network of tanneries have expertise in several tannages such as automotive, furniture and shoe.
With proper QC and close supervision we guarantee consistency.

Are the heart of our operation and the passion that drives our daily efforts.
We strive to regularly create fashion forward articles and color lines that complement our customers creativity and translate in beautiful consumer products.
The finest tanneries of several specialties partner up with America Leather to bring to the market trendy articles for furniture, accessories, automotive and shoes industries.
Upholstery leathers, veg tanned, suedes, hair on, sheepskins and highly specialized products are mastered by our team.  

As an option to our furniture customers, we offer the possibility of producing cut and sewn kits in Brazil.
Available in full top grain, leather and split or with vinyl match, cut and sewn covers optimize logistic cost, lead times and and expedite production of furniture in companies willing to expand their businesses.