The Americas together respond for over 50% of the meat and hides produced in the world, with USA leading the ranking with about 20% and Brazil with 17%.
The name of our company originates from the identity of this land and its valuable resources. We are proud to trade hides from many American countries and cultivate a close relationship with the major players in the industry.
Our team has knowledge of the characteristics of the hides of each region and the capabilities of every major supplier. Contact our commercial team for more information.

As a "by product" from meat production, responding for less than 4% of the revenue of the industry, hides are traded to tanneries for further process, being the first industry to recicle a residue into a commercial product, avoiding the environmental impact of putrefaction.

Most of the hides from Brazil are tanned into wet blue from fresh hides, while many other countries preserve the hides with salt before selling to the tanning industry. The process is shown in the video.