Leather Upholstery Performance - BONANZA

Semi-Aniline according to the Glossary of leather terms from the International Council of tanners must be cow hide, with top grain, featuring original fibrous structure, may be split into layers, surface coating must not be > 0.10mm thick. 
Finished with slight pigmentation in the surface, with grain visible through pigment.


Color fastness to Rubbing

ISO 11640

Dry - 500 cycles - Min 4 grey scale

Wet - 80 cycles - Min 3/4 grey scale

Color fastness to Perspiration
ISO 11641

50 cycles - Min 3/4 grey scale



Color Fastness ISO 11640/11641
Test Purpose:

This test simulates the effect of friction of textile rubbing against the leather, like when you clean the sofa or when your trousers rub against the leather. It shows how it affects the surface of the leather and if the degree that a textile will stain when rubbed with a cloth both wet (after 80 rubs) and dry (after 500 rubs)


Comparison method >> Grey Scale

Color fastness to Light

ISO 105-B05

Min 4 Blue Scale

This test simulates the decay in the color intensity when exposed to intense sun light.

Finish Adhesion

ISO 11644

Min 2N / 10 mm

This test measures the force needed to detach the leather finishing from its subtract.

Tear Strength

ISO 3377-1

Min 20N

 This test simulates how much the leather wears out with the flexions caused by use.


Flex Resistance
ISO 5402

Test Purpose:  

This test simulates how the leather wears out with the flexions caused by use.

Performance required:  50.000 flexes without damage